Lifetime RV Warranty FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Lifetime RV Warranty Program!

Q: Can I perform my own maintenance annually?

A: No. All services must be performed by a professional repair facility. Our rate is $199 for all RVs, trailers or motorized.

Q: What if I experience a breakdown while traveling out-of-town?

A: You may take your RV to any professional repair facility. Call us with questions! (850) 763-6910 (Panama City, FL) (334) 648-5194 (Dothan, AL)

Q: How do I know what maintenance is required to keep my Lifetime RV Warranty agreement in force?

A: Follow the maintenance requirements outlined in your Lifetime RV Warranty agreement. If you have any additional questions, contact us!

Q: Why do I have to follow the maintenance guidelines outlined in my Lifetime RV Warranty agreement?

A: When you keep up with the proper maintenance of your RV, it is the best way to reduce future breakdowns.

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