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  • Published on Sep 11, 2014
    World's Smallest Camper

    World’s Smallest Camper


    The Guinness Book World Records announced recently their new record holders for 2014, and guess what one of the records was? The world’s smallest camper!

    Guinness World Records is celebrating their 60th anniversary this year and have given the “Cutie Van” the award for Worlds Smallest Camper.  Measuring in at only 3 feet wide and 8 feet long there is enough room for a bed, a sink, and a TV. This mobile camper is nothing luxurious but it has enough to make it worthy of the award. Could you go camping with something this small? Check out some of these other mini campers we found.  

    MINI’s Tiny Luxury Campers offer 3 different types of mini mobile campers for those looking to save on space and the investment of an RV.  The three different mobile campers they have include the MINI Clubvan Camper which is a single person camper equipped with a kitchenette, propane stove, TV and a handheld shower.  The MINI Cowley, which is a detachable mobile camper, features solar battery for power, a kitchen, and can fit up to two people comfortably.  And last, they have the MINI Countryman ALL4 Camper which has a rooftop camper that can be accessed via a portable ladder.  These are not your typical campers and were designed for those who partake in frequent adventure trips, not long term vacations. They offer protection from the elements with just enough amenities to suffice the least of your needs while traveling.

    Would you give up the luxuries of your mobile home, camper, or travel trailer and try one of these out for a weekend?

    RV Connections

    RV Connections doesn’t have any mobile campers as small as the MINI’s but they do have smaller motor homes available if you are looking for a mobile home that’s not quite as big as the extravagant 40ft Motor homes you see driving down the highway today.  Smaller motor homes such as the Forrest River Forrester and Thor Axis 24.1 are available and offer the same amenities and luxuries as the bigger motor homes at a more affordable rate. Visit our website to check out our latest inventory! www.rvconnections.com

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