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  • Published on Feb 23, 2016
    White Water Retro RV

    Travel back through time to when times, and RVers, were more simple. There’s been a recent retro surge in the RV world where dealerships are beginning to feature old school models alongside the state-of-the-art latest and greatest RVs. How do these retro RVs stand a chance next to the 2016 editions of the big name brands?

    Maybe it’s nostalgia, or maybe it’s a hungering for simplicity, but whatever the reason, the retro RVs seem to draw the eye as much as they pull at the heart strings. Here are a few selling points for the White Water Retro RV.



    Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.25.50 PM.png

    The White Water Retro is incredibly lightweight compared to other RVs. Weighing less than 2,000 lbs, this travel trailer can be hitched behind virtually anything. Remember the days of loading up the RV behind the old family Station Wagon? Bring back that nostalgia. Don’t let the lightweight fool you though, it doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to quality and design.



    Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.26.20 PM.png

    The retro design of this model is just that, retro. It will take you back to the ‘60s with just a single look. It’s outside finish includes corrugated metal siding with a vintage paint and trim job to polish things off. In fact, these vintage colors are used throughout the entire RV, giving an authentic retro feel. The interior height is 6’3, and the exterior length is 14’9, providing just enough spaces without being too much! This model also includes your basic bed, dinette, restroom, and dining area.  



    Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.27.02 PM.png

    Last but not least is the quality of this RV. It is natural to think that because it is an older model, it must lack the quality of a more modern edition. However, this thinking is far from correct. careful consideration went into the design and execution of this model and there’s quality to boot! The authentic amish craftsmanship and interior appliances can stand the test of time.


    RV Connections:

    And the icing on the cake for this killer product is the price. Here are RV Connections, we not only offer this model, but we offer it for just $15,907.00. Don’t miss out on the steal of the century! Stop in and pick out the Retro that’s right for you today.


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