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  • Published on Jun 17, 2015
    Keep Bugs Away from Your Campsite

    Tips on how to keep bugs away from your campsite

    Warm, rainy, humid weather means summer is in full swing, but it also means dealing with those pesky, buzzing swarms of bugs that show up every year.  Not only are they annoying but they can really put a damper on enjoying the outdoors.  Here are a few tips on how to keep those pesky bugs away from your campsite.

    The best way to keep the bugs at bay is by removing the factors that attract them.  Mosquitoes are drawn to standing bodies of water, especially after a fresh rain and the temperatures begin to rise.   This includes buckets filled with standing rainwater, ponds, and even swimming pools.  They like to lay their eggs on top of the water, that’s why after a rain you’ll sometimes find little larva swimming around.  Your best bet is to keep anything that can collect water far enough away from where you enjoy the outdoor parts of your campsite and don’t park near ponds, streams or rivers.

    Keep trash and recycling bags or bins away from your campsite or inside your camper.  Flies are attracted to garbage and ants love the sweet, sticky residue left behind on recycled bottles and cans.  Make sure to keep lids on tight so they aren’t attracted to the smell and keep the outside wiped clean of any residue that collects.

    Keep your food covered.  It’s no secret that flies and ants gravitate toward unattended food.  Your enjoyable outdoor picnic can quickly turn into a feeding ground for unwanted pests.  You can purchase metal or mesh food tents at any grocery store to keep your food covered safely.

    Of course you can always use bug repelling oils, such as citronella candles.  The scent can repel mosquitoes within a 4 foot radius.  Whether you decide to buy the good old island style tikki torches, or citronella candles in the buckets, you’ll have to buy quite a few to keep the bugs away from a large area. 

    Lastly, an unusually and not very attractive solution to keeping flies away from your campsite is to fill plastic Ziploc bags half full with water and then hang from the awning of your camper or on tree limbs around your campsite.  Sounds like an unusual solution but it works.  Something about the reflection of the light on the water messes with the eyes of the flies and keeps them from wanting to travel in that direction.  Kind of like when someone uses a mirror to reflect the sunlight into your eyes, it’s not a pleasant feeling.

    Bugs are a nuisance but shouldn’t keep you from having fun.  Come prepared to your next camping adventure with your new found knowledge and you’ll spend more time enjoying your trip than swatting away unwanted visitors. 

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