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  • Published on Apr 14, 2014

    Great Florida Adventures

    So you managed to make it down to the Florida coast.

    Hopefully it was a fun journey and you made the trip a little easier on yourself by traveling in an RV.

    Now what?

    Well if you consider yourself adventurous or even mildly adventurous, then we have three great ideas for you and your family.

    First we should note that there are many great RV parks in Panama City for your family to stay. All you have to do is choose the right one that suits your needs!

    1.) Parasailing

    I remember parasailing two years ago with one of my best friends and my dad.  We took a small boat out to a larger boat that had a sail behind it. The boat was crisscrossing back and forth on the beach and then they raised us to about 1,500 feet (We were pretty high up there).

    It was an amazing experience. The wind was blowing in your face and you can spot just about anything. We were lucky enough to see some giant sting rays swimming around right beneath us,and a bunch of jelly fish. We could even see are RV site from up there.

    It can be a little scary at first because the harnesses aren’t as tight as you would want them to be, but just sit back, relax and enjoy the view.>

    Scuba Diving

    Scuba diving  is  easier than you might think. I would recommend getting certified before you take your vacation. This will allow you the most time actually diving.

    The process of getting certified usually entails two full days of instruction and then  your first actual dive with a certified instructor present.

    You will certainly meet creatures  you never imagined existed. There is a new, fascinating universe down there that you’ve only ever seen in wildlife documentaries.

    Some of the good spots to scuba dive are The Black Bart, Accokeek , and Chippewa.  There is nothing like swimming down into an old sunken ship, making you feel like a modern day explorer.

    3.) Deep Sea Fishing

    I must admit I have yet to go Deep Sea Fishing, but it has always been a dream of mine. However, I know a lot of people who have and they said it was the time of their life.

    My brother tried his hand a deep sea fishing a couple of years ago. He was with his father in law and he thought he would present a macho persona by not taking seasickness medicine before they went out to sea. He regretted that decision for most of his trip as he hung over board purging his breakfast.

    I would make sure to play it safe and take the seasickness medicine and try not to eat too much before you go.

    If you do a little research on the web before you take your trip, you can find some really good deals on boats that will take you to multiple fishing spots.

    RV Connections

    If you happen to find yourself in the Florida area and need any RV assistance, give us a call!

    RV Connections in Panama City, Florida has a wide selection of new and used travel trailers, motor homes and fifth wheels to suit your RV travel lifestyle.

    Whether that’s deep sea fishing in the oceans of Florida, or traveling cross country with your family, we have an RV to suit your needs. Stop by our showroom today!

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