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  • Published on Dec 14, 2015
    Deck the RV This Christmas: 5 Easy Decorating Tips

    Christmas time is almost here! And in case you haven’t heard, the Route 66 Network is hosting an RV Christmas decorating competition. While the holidays aren’t all about boxes and bows, a little seasonal decor never hurt anybody. However, decorating a house is one thing, trying to decorate an RV is a totally different ball game. We’ve come up with a few simple tips to help you deck your halls, however compact they may be.


    Hang Garland


    Fake garland is not only cheap, but is also easy to adjust to fit your spaces. The wire lining is flexible, so you can bend it to tuck right along your cabinetry or along a door frame. This simple touch will have you feeling like you’re entering a winter wonderland on wheels!


    Hang Stockings


    Even if they aren’t quite secure enough to actually bear weight, stockings are certain to add a seasonal touch. Hang them along your back window so that fellow journeymen can see your seasonal flare too! Or hang them over your bed, so that you will go to sleep with visions of sugar plums. If hanging them from the wall is not an option, grab some over-the-door hooks and hang them on the lav door or the inside of the exterior door.


    Find Festive Centerpieces


    Adding a festive centerpiece or tablecloth can add a splash of color to your seasonal decorations. This can be something as simple as pine cones on a platter, a wreath with a candle in the middle, or some winter figurines. Get creative as you think through what should be the focal point of your table. For an affordable take on Christmas decor, look outside for some sticks or pine cones you can spray paint gold! These will make a nice keepsake while doubling as decorations.


    Mini-Wreaths and Door Hooks


    If you’re looking for an easy way to spice up ordinary doors, just put a wreath on it! You can find wreaths of all sizes to hang on your cabinetry, or simply tie bells around the door handles. You’ll find that a simple over-the-door hanging hook is an easy way to hang an outdoor wreath and can be used as a towel hanger throughout the rest of the year. Wreaths always add a decorative touch.


    A Christmas Tree or Tree Alternative


    Obviously, the Christmas tree is one of the most recognizable traditions for this holiday. However, we all know that space is hard to come by in RVs. Mini-trees can be very affordable and look great outside an RV. However, if you are looking for something a little different, there are dozens of ideas for alternative Christmas trees for small spaces. Some of which involved simply hanging lights on the wall in the shape of a tree. How easy is that? You could also consider placing a mini-tree in your centerpiece arrangement. Think outside the box as you plan how to bring a tree into your RV space this season!

    RV Connections

    We would love to see some of RV Connections’ valued customer win the Route 66 Network’s Christmas decorating competition. Be sure to come pay us a visit as you search for the perfect gift for your favorite RVer!  

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