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  • Published on Aug 05, 2014

    Say no to Carbon Monoxide

    Camping in an RV can be loads of fun, but it does have its fair share of dangers. While most RV dangers are just common concerns, none may be more prevalent than the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning in your RV.
    We here at RV Connections want you to be safe from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and now what the signs and smptoms of it can be.

    What is it?

    Carbon monoxide is produced when you burn any one of these fuels, including wood, charcoal, kerosene, stove oil and propane. One of the most common places these fuels are found is in camping stoves, grills and generators. 

    The toxin is released into the air, but actually detecting it is very tricky. This is because it has no odor or color. Your only clues that you’re breathing in the fumes may be from symptoms. IT is important to understand how to prevent Carbon Monoxide from entering your RV as well as what to do if you experience symptoms.


    Here are some helpful prevention tips that will keep you and your crew safe, making sure you can rest easy.

    • If you are using a portable generator, make sure that it is used outside and is far away from windows doors and tents. The fumes from the exhaust can get into your tent or RV, causing carbon monoxide poisoning. 
    • Make sure you have a carbon monoxide protector and that it is functional. Batteries die, so always make sure it has batteries and test your system to make sure it works.
    • Fully open or close slide-outs for a proper seal.
    • Know that parking in a confined space can reduce airflow around the RV and cause carbon monoxide to build up. 
    The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can feel very similar to the flu or food poisoning. Possible symptoms include headache, dizziness, weakness, fatigue or nausea.

    If you suspect you’re getting poisoned from carbon monoxide, immediately go outside and get fresh air. Don't wait around in the house and think you have the flu. If you notice any fumes or something that isn't right, get everyone out and get fresh air, don’t attempt to air out the area. If you are poisoned, call 911. The ambulance can treat you as well as administer you pure oxygen, 

    Carbon Monoxide can affect anyone, but it can be extra harmful to pregnant women, young and old individuals and smokers. Don't get caught by carbon monoxide! Take control and make sure you and your crew are safe with these great tips.

    RV Connections

    Do you need a great carbon monoxide alert system for your RV? Check out our great selection in our online parts store. We offer a wide variety of carbon monoxide alert systems and detectors that will be sure to keep you and your crew safe this year.

    We hope you enjoyed our tips and can sleep easy knowing you don't have to worry about carbon monoxide!



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