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  • Published on Oct 29, 2015
    4 Reasons Why You Should Snowbird This Winter

    You might be thinking to yourself, what is snowbirding? Snowbirding is the term used to describe people who travel south during the winter months in attempt to avoid the harsh winter conditions. You may be thinking that snowbirding sounds like it would only be practical for retirees; think again! With laptops and wifi, you can theoretically work from anywhere. And if you can, then why not? Here are 4 reasons why you should consider loading up your RV and heading south for the winter.

    1. Work Camping

    Do you ever find yourself wishing you could be a snowbird, but feel held back by your finances? Work camping opportunities are the perfect solution to your problem. Some campsites in warm weather states offer a work exchange program for RV snowbirds during the winter season. This means that RVers can travel to a state for the winter and work on the campgrounds in exchange for RV space and facility usage. Does that sound like a great deal or what? Some of the jobs include carpentry work, maintenance, gardening, and working the front desk. Do you miss gardening or woodworking? Search for work camping job opportunities that will let you make your hobby your job this winter!

    2. Safety & Sanity

    It’s no secret that the winter months are less-than-ideal for RV owners. In addition to the obvious risk of weather damage to your RV, there is also increased risk for staying cooped up inside. One of the greatest concerns that RV dwellers face during the winter months is carbon monoxide poisoning. It can happen to anyone, too. When it’s cold outside you want to stay inside, this is not rocket science. However, when it’s cold inside you will need to keep the vehicle turned on to keep heat circulating. Obviously, the longer an RV is running the greater the increased risk of carbon monoxide leaking into your cabin. You’ll find that you’re forced to choose between comfort and safety-- a lose lose situation where something’s gotta’ give. Nearly every RV comes with a carbon monoxide monitor these days, but these can and do malfunction. There are several symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, and this type of poisoning can often be avoided by regularly letting fresh air into the RV through open doors or windows. Though the possibility of your RV having a carbon monoxide leak is a year round concern, the risk increases dramatically in the winter due to the cold climate and consequential desire to stay inside and keep the cold, yet fresh, air out. If you set up shop in a warmer area this winter, you could find yourself sleeping in your RV with the windows open and crisp, not frigid, air filling your cabin. Likewise, you run the risk of losing your mental sanity if you stay cooped up inside for too long.  if you do your research, you can quit forfeiting 3-5 months of outdoor activity time. Why stay bundled up in your RV all winter when you could be outside exploring new territories in milder temperatures?

    3. Broadening Your Horizons

    Do you have a bucket list for your travels? It’s very common for couples and individuals to make a travel “wish list” of sorts. What is less common, yet equally enticing, is a dwelling bucket list. This is like a travel bucket list with a slight lean towards “extended stay”. Vacationing is great, but your actual time in your vacation hot spot is limited. It’s hard to get a good feel for an area when you’re just passing through for a week or two at a time. Why not get a legitimate taste for different parts of the country during the winter season? Why be a tourist when you could become a local? Maybe you’ll find a place you love and make it an annual tradition, or maybe you’ll try a new spot every year. Whichever you decide, this type of travel with allow you to have a authentic knowledge for different areas in this country.


    4.Develop a Widespread Network

    You’ll find that the snowbirding community comes from all over. As you travel to the warm states for the winter, you may meet people from places you have never even heard about. Not only could this be a good way to make professional contacts, but this is also a great way to make new friends. Again, if you are making connections from all over, then you will have people to visit as you travel. Wouldn’t it be great to have friends you could call up in every state? You could potentially make friends that you can travel to see or travel alongside. Either way, consider snowbirding a way to expand your network.

    RV Connections

    If your snowbird wings carry you to Florida this winter, stop in and see us at RV Connections. We would love to help you prepare for your warm winter and point you in direction of our favorite campgrounds and state attractions.

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